Spidsbjørnens Ziggi's Tjej Nala

Welcome on our website and welcome in the world of the
Since I was a kid I grew up with animals, dogs, birds, fish,
a cat and a rabbit. Especially dogs played a role in
my youth.
Since I was born there are occasionally litters at our home and because of this
I have gained a lot of knowledge regarding the keeping and care of dogs, breeding
and raising pups.
With my 17th birthday I got my first dog, a Rottweiler female.
A very sweet and affectionate dog that I have attended several courses with.
Unfortunately, I have to say far too early goodbye to her.
After a little time without a dog, it began to itch again. Because I do sports,
a lot, I was looking for an active breed.
After I followed the livestream from the World Dogshow in Helsinki caught my eye little
white dogs with spots who happily walked trough the ring. After some times of searching
I found out that this was the Norrbottenspets.
This is the dog I was looking for!!!
Social, friendly and sporty built trough there hunting drive and also a very healty breed.
The breed is also very suitable for search and rescue work and agility.
After an intense search “because the Norrbottenspets is a very rare breed”
I am the proud owner of 3 Norrbottenspetsen.
Trough the contact with several breeders of the Norrbottenspets in Scandinavia  
I learned a lot about the breed.  
My hope is in the future to make a positive contribution to the breed and  
keeping a healty population.  
      Spidsbjørnens Ziggi's Tjej Nala
Enjoy my site!
My special thanks goes out to the kennel Spidsbjørnens in Denmark and
kennel Punnapippurin in Finland for the trust and sharing their knowledge
about the Norrbottenspets.
copyright 2016